Introducing Maritech® organic fucoidan

The award-winning Maritech® organic fucoidan range is an exclusive portfolio of novel marine ingredients.

Sustainably sourced and clinically validated, Maritech® organic fucoidans are high purity seaweed extracts sought after by some of the world's most trusted healthcare brands. They are included as premium ingredients in market-leading nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages, skincare formulations, and animal health products.

Maritech® fucoidan is the world’s only high purity, certified organic fucoidan with global regulatory acceptance. Efficacious and supported by an extensive dossier of scientific evidence, Maritech® organic fucoidans represent the new frontier in natural marine ingredients. 

The Maritech® organic fucoidan range has been developed by progressive Australian biotechnology company, Marinova Pty Ltd – the global fucoidan experts.