The Maritech® process


Manufacturers of fucoidan have traditionally utilised solvents to precipitate the fucoidan polymer from crude extracts. This may lead to contaminants being present in the final extract. Fucoidans manufactured in this way can suffer from many shortfalls. Their quality can be inconsistent, their chemical integrity may be compromised and – most importantly – their bioactivity may be affected.

The Maritech® extraction technology, developed and used exclusively by Marinova, overcomes these problems. The process does not use organic solvents and produces fucoidan extracts that remain unadulterated in chemical structure and free from solvent residues. The mild, aqueous process also ensures the resulting extracts comply with the most rigorous quality standards and regulatory requirements.

The Maritech® process creates efficacious, high purity fucoidan extracts that are:

  • Natural
  • High purity
  • Certified organic
  • Free from solvent residues
  • Kosher and Halal certified

A summary of the Maritech® extraction process:

  1. Pure seaweed source

    Pure seaweed source

    Wild, certified organic seaweed is hand-harvested from the world’s cleanest ocean waters.

    Freshly harvested seaweed is immediately air-dried to preserve maximum bioactivity.

  2. Aqueous extraction

    Aqueous extraction

    Pure water physically separates whole fucoidan compounds from the seaweed matter.

    No harsh solvents are used, which ensures the natural fucoidan structure is preserved.

  3. Proprietary filtration

    Proprietary filtration

    Two stages of specific filtration developed by Marinova capture and purify the fucoidan.

    All nutrient-rich by-products are then utilised in certified organic horticultural applications.

  4. Concentration


    Purified fucoidan is carefully dewatered to produce a highly concentrated extract.

  5. Dehydration


    Specialised technology dehydrates the fucoidan concentrate to create a shelf stable, free-flowing powder.

    This powdered fucoidan is then immediately sealed and stored.

  6. Quality testing & release

    Quality testing & release

    Highly qualified technicians perform multiple tests throughout the entire process of each batch to ensure compliance with all key quality parameters prior to release. Detailed specifications are provided with each product order.

These proprietary advanced process technologies can also be used to create high purity extracts with very specific sulfation profiles and defined molecular weights. It is this unique ability to modify the key structural elements that enables the production of fucoidans with enhanced bioavailability and distinct bioactivities.